Monday, 16 August 2021

Trekking in Clementi Forest is no walk in the park

Clementi Forest

Certain spots in Clementi Forest are known for their natural beauty, and with the Covid-19 pandemic curbing a number of activities, many people are spending their free time going on hikes in the area to enjoy the outdoors, take in the sights and stretch their legs.

But there are no designated trails in Clementi Forest, and a number of people of late have got lost or injured while trekking there.

Advice from an expert:
  • Apart from proper shoes, a first-aid kit, torchlight, sufficient water and snacks and a fully charged phone with a power bank are among essential items one should have while trekking.
  • Those wishing to explore the area but who are unfamiliar with the forest should stick to the most-used paths.
  • All trekkers regardless of their experience should avoid Clementi Forest after 6pm when it starts to get dark, or during or just after rain due to how slippery it gets underfoot.

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