Sunday, 23 April 2017

Reminder: Tanah Merah Coast Road to replace Changi Coast Road for cycling enthusiasts from 22 April, 2017

Source: ST
Cyclists will be able to travel safely alongside cars from April 22 when the island's first on-road bicycle lane opens in Changi East.

Source: LTA

There will be a 10km-long, dedicated 2m-wide lane for two-wheelers on both sides of the extended Tanah Merah Coast Road. The bicycle lane, which can fit two cyclists riding abreast, will be demarcated from the vehicular carriageway.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said new bicycle lanes will provide an alternative for cyclists who frequent the 6km Changi Coast Road, which will close on April 22, 2017.

If this is not correct, please let me know.

Additionally a new park connector will be added along the extended Tanah Merah Coast Road, linking the existing park connector coming from East Coast Park to the existing park connector at Aviation Park Road, to replace the existing park connector along Changi Coast Road.

Watch the news on cycling on Tanah Merah Coast Road on opening day by ChannelNewsAsia:

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