Saturday, 10 October 2015

Singapore Coney Island - October 2015

Entrances to Coney Island

East Entrance

Proper track to Coney Island from Lor Halus wetland (2017)

Walking to and from Lor Halus Wetland through the greenery (path has since been upgraded to proper track)

Entrance by the main road - Pasir Ris Coast Ind Park 6

Video: Cycling from Lorong Halus wetland to Coney Island East entrance

Road leading to East Entrance

Serangoon East Dam

Serangoon East Dam

East entrance

East Entrance

History of Coney Island

Rules of the park

Me at the park

Bicycle bay

Track for walking and cycling 

Cement track for cycling


nice beach

sandy track through the forest

Rocky track not suitable for some bicycles

Nice long track for exercising along the forest

West Entrance / exit by Punggol Promenade near Punggol Point

West Entrance

Wind instrument outside West entrance (notice after viewing this animation for a while, the direction of the instrument seems to have changed) - NEW

Sea water at your feet But be careful here. A lot of sand flies.

Old Villa at Area B

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