Sunday, 1 July 2018

Singapore Waterway@Punggol June 2013 - updated June 2018

Punggol Waterway Wins Global Superior Achievement Award 2012 from International Water Association.

Punggol park connector (link)

Entrance from Riverside / Sengkang

Way to Punggol Point (history)

Viewing plataform

The prominent arc structure

waterway point 2016

Waterway Point 2018


panorama view of Waterway@Punggol

Adventure bridge

LRT serving the vicinity

panorama view of view of Waterway@Punggol (2013)

View of Waterway@Punggol

Kelong bridge


Way to Punggol Promenade (link)

Newly completed flats along linkway to Coney Island

Alternative entrance from Serangoon / Hougang

Students crossing Sunrise bridge

Sunrise bridge

Sunrise bridge

New sign directs to Coney Island at Halus Wetland

Converting sandy track to normal track to Coney Island

Video: Cycling from Lor Halus wetland to Pasir Ris park using new pcn

map.punggol - looped park connector

Nearest park and park connector:
1) Punggol promenade
2) Punggol park connector
3) Lorong Halus wetland
4) Pasir Ris park connector

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