Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Singapore Changi Coastal Park Connector Extension (Oct 2020)

 1) After Changi Airport park connector ends, the Changi Coastal Park Connector Extension starts

2) Changi Coastal park connector extension

3) Changi Coast Walk is the road to East Coast park

4) Look out for the intersection of Tenah Merah Coast Rd and Changi Coast Walk. Go towards Changi Coast Walk to continue to East Coast park

Going straight on Tenah Merah Coast Rd will end up at Aviation Park Rd and Changi Point

On the left is the MOE Changi Coast Outdoor Adventure Learning Ctr. The road on the left is the old road from Changi Point but is still used by cyclists from Tanah Merah Coast Rd. Go straight and you will at East Coast park

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