Sunday, 14 April 2019

RIR: Seletar West park connector to Punggol park connector (Apr 2019)

Rower's Bay - stopover for Round-Island-Route (RIR)

One of the entrances to Rower's Bay

Lower Seletar reservoir and Rower's Bay

Rower's Bay is still under construction

Seletar West park connector

New RIR PCN sign

Seletar West park connector starts just in front of Rower's Bay

Rower's Bay is just across the road

Some parts of the park connector are still under construction

West Camp Road is a cycling haven with few cars in between

Brand new bus stops along the park connector

Cross the road on the left to continue with Seletar Aerospace Dr and the park connector

Seletar airbase on the left

Next stopover is either Heritage Trees or Seletar Aerospace park

Seletar Aerospace Heights

Heritage Trees and shelter

Restaurants (above and below) 

Aerospace park and playground (above and below)

Prepare to cross the road to Piccadilly road on the right

Workers barricading Piccadilly road for new developments

One way street (either side)

Exit gate

Roundabout, keep left

Jalan Kayu

Jalan Kayu park, one of smallest parks in Singapore

You can either continue with Jalan Kayu and turn left to Sengkang West Way at the traffic junction, or shortcut through Thanggam LRT station

Thanggam LRT station after the fence

Walkway along Fernvale Street

LRT tracks along Fernvale Street

Sengkang Riverside park

Walk / cycle along the expressway

Sengkang Hockey Stadium

you may want to walk/cycle from Rower's Bay/Seletar North Link to Coney Island/Punggol park connector. It is a more comfortable route to take as some parts of Piccadilly and Jalan Kayu are narrow or being re-developed.

Walk/cycle from Coney Island to Marina Country Club along Punggol Promenade and follow the route in front of the jetty. There is a dormitory/lodge after the jetty.

Seletar North Link is a straight road but care must be taken of the lorries plying the road.

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