Monday, 1 April 2019

C2C: MacRitchie Reservoir to Botanic Gardens (Apr 2019)

Note the workers are still working on some parts of Lornie and Adam Roads, mainly around the branching to Kheam Hock Road. If you can, do not use the trail now. But if you still want to explore, go ahead as it is only a minor hiccup.

one of the exits from MacRitchie Reservoir

Lornie Road

C2C signage

Walkway is not new

Entrance / exit from MacRitchie Lornie trail

Some parts of the C2C trail is still being built. Use other overhead bridge or route

Overhead bridge along Lornie Rd with bike ramp

Some parts of Kheam Hock Rd is still being built for the C2C trail

Incomplete works as seen from the overhead bridge

Overhead bridge from Lornie Road to Kheam Hock Road is a normal pedestrian overhead bridge. Bad design as it is meant for cyclists.

Overhead bridge from Lornie Road to Kheam Hock Road with bike ramp. Too bad it is not a ramp overhead bridge and cyclists cannot go up and down simultaneously

Kheam Hock Road

Note there are some tombs on the side of the road

After the underpass is Kheam Hock park

Behind the park is the PCN

Adam Road

Follow the signs to Botanic Gardens

Bukit Timah Road - left to Botanic Gardens, right to Bukit Timah Reserve and Bt Batok Nature park

Destination - Botanic Gardens

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