Thursday, 29 June 2017

The Bicycle turns 200

It was on June 12, 1817 that for the first time, a man took a two-wheeler and went on a road in the Mannheim region of what was then the Grand Duchy of Baden, now part of southwest Germany.

The creator,  Baron Karl von Drais,  a nobleman from southwestern Germany, demonstrated his walking machine, called Laufmaschine.

It was not a success at first, but soon other parts like pedals, chains, brake cables were added through the years.

In 1890, with the invention of tire, the bicycle was an exponential success.


Monday, 26 June 2017

Singapore Chestnut Nature park: Northern Loop (June 2017)

Chestnut Point was quite crowded today due to public holiday. Big groups of families and friends came to cycle and trekking.

Direction for Northern trail from Chestnut Point

Source: ST

Old bitumen road is part of the trail

Distance marker

Keep track of the distance.....

Munia trail....connecting Northern loop to Southern loop

Bitumen road to sand....

to mud. Just like old kampung

View of Northern trail

Rocky road

Bike trail

Some parts of the trail is dangerous. DO pay attention to signboards

Piper Hut

Out of bounds

Even kid joined in family fun

More difficult bike trail

Watch out for orange signboard. DO NOT wonder into bike trail

Alternative routes - either go straight into Gangsa Loop or turn left towards Bangkit Shelter. This is actually a LOOP.

Going into Gangsa Loop / Trail

End of the LOOP. Turning right to unmarked route will lead you to Mandai Road, Central Catchment park connector.

Huge ginger plant

This is used to be someone's garden. Support for creepers.

There are still unfinished work

Directional signage to Zhenghua park

Going towards Zhenghua park

Going under the expressway

Nearest park or park connector
1) Zhenghua park 1
2) Central Catchment park connector
3) Chestnut nature park: Southern Loop

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Singapore one-north Park - June 2017

one-north park consists of 3 parts:
one-north Park: Fusionopolis South
one-north Park: Fusionopolis North
one-north Park: Fusionopolis Biopolis

1) one-north Park: Fusionopolis South - Bird watching, boardwalk and fruit trees

Boardwalk and bird-watching

Mixture of greenery and buildings

Futuristic tech buildings

2) one-north Park: Fusionopolis North - flowers and butterflies

3) one-north Park: Fusionopolis Biopolis

one-north Park: Fusionopolis Biopolis is bounded by one-north Link and Slim Barracks Rise

Steps going up to Hilltop Plaza and NTU Alumni Club

Looking down from the hilltop

1-piece metal chair


Entrance to one-north Park from North Buona Vista Road facing Buona Vista MRT station

Nearest park or park connector:
1) Ulu Pandan park connector