Wednesday, 24 May 2017

New bike sharing apps oBike & ofo have quietly launched in Singapore - updated 24 May

oBike bikes parked at HDB block void deck

A local startup with local and Chinese investors called oBike, has quietly launched its bike sharing scheme at Tampines and Ayer Rajah.

By using an app from your mobile phone and QR code from the bike, you can book and loan the white bike for $1 per half hour.

A Chinese firm, ofo, has also started a bike sharing program at Punggol and West Coast Park. The charge is $0.50 per trip but is free now while on trial. Their bikes is yellow.

The beauty of both sharing schemes is that one does not have to return the bike to any specific place and using an app on your mobile phone to open the bike's lock and loan of bike. Very simple.

The downside of bike sharing - misuse and destroying of bikes as these are NOT personal bikes. So who cares whether they are parked properly or not and no one bothers to look after them.

Damaged bike in Singapore

Damaged bikes in China

Chinese firm Mobike has entered the bike-sharing competition.

Mobike, which has been quietly rolling out its bicycles in areas such as East Coast Park and Kallang, competes with ofo and oBike in the bike-sharing market here.

Bike sharing scheme shelved by local authority as private firms are already trying the scheme.

Latest (24 May):
ofo Singapore has implemented a deposit of $39 to register for its bikes. Use of bike is $1/hour, capped at $2 for the entire journey.

oBike Singapore has also implemented a deposit of $49 to register for its bikes.

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