Monday, 23 May 2016

Singapore Alexandra Queensway park connector (May 2016)

This is the start / end of Alexandra Canal Linear Park along Commonwealth Ave, in front of Queenway MRT station

Alexandra Queensway park connector

Alexandra Canal Linear park is just across the road

If you have S$1m, you can buy a HDB terrace house here

Queenstown stadium

Fence around Queenstown stadium

Global Indian International School

Approaching Queensway

Just follow the arrows

After crossing the road

Alexandra Fire Station

Queensway Shopping Centre

Junction of Queensway, Alexandra Road and Jalan Bt Merah

IKEA just in front, Alexandra Village foodcourt behind

Entrance to Alexandra Hospital

Gillman flyover

Old Malayan Railway track just below Gillman Flyover

The Interlace condo wins 2015 World Building of the Year at World Architecture Festival

Way to Hortpark, Alexandra Road

Approaching Alexandra Arch, Hortpark

End of Alexandra Queensway park connector, beginning of Alexandra Garden trail

Alexandra Garden trail

Starting / ending point from Depot Road

Connecting to Telok Blangah Hill park, Southern Ridges

Way to Labrador MRT, Berlayer Creek and Labrador nature reserve

The former Gillman Barracks

Way to Berlayer Creek, Labrador nature reserve, Labrador MRT station

Video: Cycling from Alexandra Garden trail to Telok Blangah hills

Berlayer Creek (link) and Labrador MRT station

Nearest park and park connector:
1) Labrador nature and coastal walk 
2) HortPark
3) Henderson park connector
4) Telok Blangah Hill park
5) Alexandra park connector

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Walk around Singapore: Sembawang hot spring - May 2016

May Day went cycling with my friends in the Sembawang and Seletar areas and dropped by the hot spring.

Video: Cycling to Sembawang hot spring

Beware: Hot spring water may be good for your health, but beware that the hot water may burn your skin, especially those with chronic illnesses or insensitive skin

Water is so hot it can cook eggs

How the Sembawang hot spring was formed

According to Dr Grahame John Henderson Oliver, a senior lecturer at the Nanyang Technological University's Asian School of the Environment, the hot spring’s formation is linked to Bukit Timah Hill.

At 165 metres, the hill is the highest point in Singapore and when rain falls, the rainwater seeps through the granite within the hill.

The rainwater then sinks to about 4.8 kilometres underground, where it gets heated up by the surrounding rocks and mantle to about 160 degrees Celsius and 190 degrees Celsius, he explained.

As more rain falls, the water underground is pushed out through the faults and cracks that connect the ground under Bukit Timah Hill and the Sembawang Hot Spring, he said. The water then cools to 70 degrees Celsius as it reaches the surface.


Nearest park and park connector: