Thursday, 14 May 2015

Singapore Alexandra Hospital Garden & Butterfly Trail (May 2015)

Went to Alexandra Hospital to visit a relative the other day. Used my handphone to take the shots as I did not bring my Nikon camera since I did not have the intention of shooting anything. But as a new project is to be taken place soon, I decided to capture the Butterfly trail as it might not be kept in future.

The place is really quite rundown, few butterflies were seen and a lot of mosquitoes at the lower part of the trail.

way to the butterfly trail

Medicinal Garden

panorama view of the pond and shelter

panorama view of one half of the garden & butterfly trail...

...panorama view of the other half of the garden & butterfly trail

full view of the butterfly trail

Leaf imprints on the walkway

Nearest park connector:
1) Alexandra Queensway park connector
2) Alexandra park connector
3) Alexandra garden trail

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