Saturday, 11 April 2015

Singapore Marsiling park connector (April 2015)

Video: Cycling from Woodlands mrt station to Marsiling mrt station

Woodlands Town garden as seen from Woodlands Centre Road

The new Marsiling park, formerly known as Woodlands Town garden

Woodlands old checkpoint

Ramp for bicycles

old checkpoint....

....still in use for large container vehicles

New checkpoint building

Nice pottery

Use the pedestrian crossing 

Shell company, not for public

Admiralty Road West

Woodlands Waterfront entrance

Torn information

The Causeway

Woodlands Waterfront promenade

Nearest park and park connector:
1) Marsiling Park
2) Woodlands Waterfront
3) Admiralty Road West park connector
4) Admiralty park
5) Woodlands park connector

Friday, 10 April 2015

New pedestrian and cycling route from East Coast Park to Bedok Reservoir Park (updated April 2015)

Please view the photos from middle up to Bedok Reservoir or from middle down to East Coast park.

Way to Bedok Reservoir park

Bedok Town park

Overhead bridge across PIE

Continue to go straight
Shing Song supermarket

using existing walkways

Newly constructed Mj Al-Ansar Mosque

using existing walkways of Bedok North Ave 1

Going towards Bedok North Ave 1 - turn left to Bedok Mall

Direction to Bedok Reservoir

Bedok Mall and Bedok MRT

Bedok Town centre

Direction to East Coast park

Using existing walkways along Bedok South Ave 1

using existing walkways

You may also use the other side of the road....

as it has its own underpass to East Coast park

For this side, go towards Laguna Flyover

this way to the underpass at East Coast Parkway

Do not use the nearest underpass

Continue to the 2nd underpass

Underpass to East Coast park

map.bedok2 - looped park connector

Nearest park and park connector:
1) Bedok park connector 1
2) East Coast park
3) Bedok Town park & Bedok Reservoir
4) Siglap park connector (to Bedok Reservoir)