Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Singapore Sentosa and World Blood Donor Day (June 2014) - updated Sept 2017

Went to Sentosa on Saturday, 7 June 2014 with a friend for the World Blood Donor Day celebration. Took the opportunity to view Sentosa and snapped some photos of the place.

Carnival at Sentosa

Photos of Sentosa

photo taken from the express

Beach station

Singapore iFly

the ship in Port of Lost Wonder

Palawan Beach


Life guard on duty

view of the sea

view of Palawan Beach


crystal clear seawater
Tanjong Beach

You can walk across the sea at Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach

Siloso Beach

Palawan Amphitheatre

Aviary for the performing birds

[checkout this site for more information and pictures]

Luge and Skyride


Booking station

Zipping through the sky

Seyway and cycling

Seyway and bicycle renting kiosk


Cycling tracks around the island

Jungle trail entry / exit at Fort Siloso car park. There is another jungle trail from Imbiah Lookout.

View of Labrador park from Jungle trail

Jungle trail

Cycling around Sentosa Gateway and Sentosa Cove

Sentosa World Resort and Casino

Note: Photo was edited as the stitching was not perfect

entrance to casino

For some good Malaysian food, this is the place. But it is always jam-packed and most meals start from $5

Other places of interest on the island

Orchid flowers

Magic mirror

Magic mirror

Closed down

KidsZone - a place for kids to be adults

Fort Siloso (free entrance, guided tour for a fee)

Lifts at Fort Siloso to Skywalk

Panorama view from Skywalk

Panorama view from Skywalk


....and peahens at Siloso Point

How to cycle / walk to Sentosa from Harbourfront mrt station

Cycle on the left, pedestrians on the right

Walking escalators are now available for those who wish to walk [NEW - Sept 2017]

$1 coin gates to collect entrance fee to be implemented soon for those using boardwalk [NEW - Sept 2017]

Do not use the road unless you are a season rider

Express train

Entrance / exit to Sentosa for cyclists

Entrance Fees:

Entrance fee from broadwalk is $1/person but free till end-2017.
Express train from Vivocity is $3/person.
Entrance fee for car is $2/person.
Free express, tram and bus rides on the island.
Fees to places of interest on the island varied.

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