Monday, 23 June 2014

Singapore Central Catchment park connector (June 2014)

Video: Cycling from Mandai park connector to Pang Sua park connector

Park connector is popular with cyclists

road junction

Overgrown vegetations

Different vegetations

Rocky roads

Rambutan and jackfruit trees, among other fruit trees


Follow the sign

Bike trails

Lookout for cyclists. They will shout BIKE to warn hikers

Uneven rocky road

Junction of park connector and Gangsa Loop - you may u-turn to Mandai Road or continue to Bt Panjang

Gangsa Bike Loop

Follow the expressway. Keep right and listen to the sound of traffic so that you do not walk in circle in the forest. If you are coming in from Bt Panjang, then you  need to keep left. If in doubt, ask the cyclists.

Road here is more rocky, uneven and harder. So wear proper footwears

keep close to expressway

Big water puddle

Bike trails run in more densely covered forest and more obstacles like fallen trees, big rocks, muddy path, low hanging tree branches... 

...and walking trails tend to be small rocky paths

Coming out of the bike trail, under the expressway...

... to Zhenghua park, Bukit Panjang estate

Nearest park and park connector:
1) Mandai park connector
2) Singapore Zoo
3) Zhenghua park
4) Ulu Sembawang park connector

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