Thursday, 5 December 2013

Singapore Tanjong Rhu & Skyline promenades December 2013

Tanjong Rhu promenade

the walk starts after Tanjong Rhu footbridge

Tanjong Rhu private houses (2017)

view of Tanjong Rhu promenade

view of Tanjong Rhu promenade

boat rowing practice

maintenance boat

water ripples


view of Tanjong Rhu promenade

The Bridge

The Bridge - ECP

Skyline Promenade (after the bridge)

F1 pit

Marina reservoir

Marina reservoir


Marina Barrage

the promenade is popular with cyclists - entrance / exit to Marina Barrage

Marina reservoir / Mariana Barrage

Video: Cycling to newly open sea coast at Gardens by the Bay East / Marina Barrage

Gardens by the Bay East
This garden runs parallel to Tanjong Rhu promenade

Google map

map.kallang2 - looped park connector

Nearest park and park connectors:
1) Marina Barrage
2) Gardens by the Bay South
3) Gardens by the Bay East
4) Geylang park connector
5) National Stadium


  1. Very good, professional photos, George. Thank you! I was trying to get an idea of as to whether it was possible to cycle/ walk all around Marina Bay. Now I know that it is possible indeed and it is also a very beautiful spot. Congrats, very well done.


  2. Thanks for your comment. Enjoy your walk / cycling.

  3. Hi! Nice place! May I know if there's any parking nearby to get the shot of the skyline promenade you took? Thanks!

  4. Sorry, I did not check out Tanjong Rhu estate for car parks. I just know the parking lots at the nearby indoor stadium.