Friday, 8 November 2013

Singapore Jurong park connector November 2013 (updated April 2014)

starting point - across Jurong MRT or from Bukit Batok MRT

view of Jurong park connector

Yuhua CC

Go straight instead of turning left to use the pedestrian crossing and not the overhead bridge

Looking from the overhead bridge

Use the pedestrian crossing instead of using this overhead bridge

track to / from Chinese Garden MRT

view of Jurong park connector

view of Jurong Lake & Chinese Garden (link)

U-track for the PCN

Alternate Route for Jurong park connector to Jurong West

Canadian International Sch

Entrance / exit by Boon Lay Way

view of Jurong park connector

Opposite: Jurong East Sports & Recreation Centre

Jurong West Ave 1

Hong Kah Sec


Start / end of part connector

The Longer Route

Jurong PCN runs along Jurong Lake

view of Jurong Lake (link)

view of Jurong park

Yuan Ching Sec

Lakeside MRT

view of Jurong park connector

School is just next door

fitness corner

Corporation Rd

crossing Corporation Rd

litter trap

ST with its own satellites

Jalan Boon Lay Rd

Jalan Boon Lay Rd

crossing Jalan Boon Lay Rd

Jurong Central Park

Jurong Central park

view of the park from MRT station

the clock tower


SAFRA club at the left

Practise running station in front of SAFRA club

Enterprise Road

PCN in industrial park

Is this a seat?

Painted dustbin 

International Road

crossing International Rd

PCN in industrial park

view of Jurong park connector

a nice & neat little garden near AYE


Jurong Bird Park & Jurong Hill

a peek at Jurong Bird park (history)

Jurong bird park is on the right, road on the middle goes to Jurong Hill

a peek at Jurong Bird park

a peek at Jurong Bird park

a peek at Jurong Bird park


Google map (edited)

Nearest park and park connector:
1) Jurong Bird Park

2) Jurong Central Park
3) Chinese Garden
4) Japanese Garden
5) Jurong Lake Park
6) Jurong Hill Park


  1. Was the second last photo the Panorail Depot?

  2. Yes, it is the Panorail, but I did not know which station/depot that train was at as the photo was taken from outside the bird park.

  3. Some park connectors are isolated from residential areas and are not well lit at night. While jogging along the track from SAFRA Jurong to AYE at 0520hrs, i saw several lamp posts not switched on. It is not safe to use this part of the park connector because wild animals and criminals might be lurking behind the cover of darkness.

  4. Hi Kuang,

    Thanks for your advice.