Monday, 7 December 2020

Singapore Ulu Sembawang park connector September 2013 - updated Dec 2020

The new Ulu Sembawang pcn

Entrance / exit to Ulu Sembawang park connector from Mandai Rd

The old bus stop shelter

The old signage from yesteryear

The orchid nursery and plantation are gone now 

The old Lor Lada Hitam

This park connector is popular for people cycling from Mandai to Woodlands (North) or Yishun or Changi (East)

The rustic forest is still under SAF

Water treatment is beneath this road

New building for water treatment

Park connector running next to the highway

New building for water treatment

New entrance / exit to Ulu Sembawang park connector from Woodlands side

Existing crossing

The old Ulu Sembawang pcn

Mandai Road
entrance/exit to/from Mandai Road

view of Ulu Sembawang park connector

wild forestry

view of Ulu Sembawang park connector (2012 picture)

bus stop shelter

banana trees (2012 picture)



wild banana trees (2012 picture)

Lorong Lada Hitam

right side under construction now (2012 picture)

Mandai Agro Park - protected area

natural seats

palm plantation - now under construction (2012 picture)

little stream to cool your tired feet (2012 picture)

construction works on both sides of the road - new road to SLE on left and a new building on right

view of Ulu Sembawang park connector

crossing under the highway

crossing under the highway

entrance / exit to Ulu Sembawang park connector via Woodlands

entrance / exit to Woodlands park connector (link)

3 routes to choose

Google  map

map.amk - looped park connector

Nearest park and park connector:
1) Mandai park connector
2) Woodlands park connector
3) Singapore Zoo
4) Upper Selector Reservoir


  1. Just to inform you. A large part of Ulu Sembawang PCN has been re-routed to go around the Thomson Line construction site.

  2. Hi INVS 2.0,

    Last year when I was there, the place was already barricaded for a depot and expansion of the road to SLE. Yesterday saw a video by a cycling group on that place and surprised that all the trees along the park connector had been cut down. Very sad.