Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Singapore Changi Point Coastal Walk August 2013 - updated Jan 2018

Immigration and ferry terminal

connecting bridge to Changi Point

panorama view of Changi beach park (link)

Immigration and ferry terminal

boats entering and leaving the ferry point


the beautiful beach of Changi Point

Changi Point coastal walk

Western coastal boardwalk

panorama view of Changi Point coastal walk

Changi Point coastal walk

Changi Point coastal walk

government chalet

log seat

attap shelter


private jetty

Changi sailing club

Changi sailing club

attap shelter (NO MORE THERE)

walking on the beach

such huge rock

cliff walk

cliff walk

kelong walk

No more kelong [2018].....

....but a lot of fishing rods...

....and nets

Changi beach club

the supporting wall is crumbling down

end of coastal walk

The angler story at Changi Point....

The angler story...will he catch some fish today

View my 2018 update of Changi Point coastal walk at Flickr

Changi Point beach and park & coastal walk

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