Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Singapore Kallang Park Connector - PIE to Kallang & Paya Lebar July 2013 (part 2)

The first time you cycle from Bishan-AMK park to Serangoon Road, you will have to use a few overhead bridges to cross the road. Once you are familiar with the PCN, you may want to cycle by the traffic junctions instead of the overhead bridges.

Video: 1) Cycling from Potong Pasir to Kolam Ayer waterfront bypassing all overhead bridges

Video: 2) Cycling from Geylang Bahru to Kallang park connector (Aug 2017)

sign to Kallang Park connector from Potong Pasir / PIE side (link)

Entrance / exit from PIE

Sign to PCN

Moonstone Residence

Moonstone Bridge

Serangoon Road

Bendemeer Road

Whampoa South

panorama view of Kallang park connector

Overhead bridge with ramp for bikes

[Use the traffic junctions to get here from the PIE,  bypassing all overhead bridges. Watch video 1 at the top.]

Kolam Ayer

Kolam Ayer Waterfront

Kolam Ayer Waterfront

Kolam Ayer Waterfront

Water drawing mechanism

Kolam Ayer Waterfront - way to Kallang park connector OR Whampoa park connector

Bridge is painted and re-decorated once in a while (2015). Cross the bridge to Whampoa park connector.

Bridge painted again in 2018

Children's arts are exhibited along the park connector

Open sports court with seats

Opposite: The Whampoa park connector is in front of the flats (link)

View of Kallang park connector

Narrow steps

View of Kallang park connector

Kallang Bahru

View of Kallang park connector

After the bridge, the PCN will split to 2 ways

Left: Way to Paya Lebar or Geylang Bahru (watch the video at the top)

Routes to take
[Go by Geylang Bahru Road to bypass all the steps and you should come out from Pelton Canal park connector. Watch video 2 at the top.]

Chwee Kang Temple

Boon Keng Road

A new ramp was constructed in place of steps [NEW]. This new BTO is Kallang Trivista, new home for those used to live at Rochor Centre

View of Kallang park connector

National Stadium near completion (Mar 2014)

Kallang MRT station

Constructions for new flats (updated Mar 2014). This is Kallang Trivista, new home for those living at Rochor Centre.

Nearest park and park connector:
1) Whampoa park connector
2) Kallang Riverside park
3) Pelton Canal and Balam park connectors
4) Singapore Kallang Park Connector - Bishan AMK Park to PIE June 2013 (Part 1)

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