Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Singapore Waterway@Punggol June 2013

Punggol Waterway Wins Global Superior Achievement Award 2012 from International Water Association.

Punggol park connector (link)

Entrance from Riverside / Sengkang

Way to Punggol Point (history)

View of Waterway@Punggol

View of Waterway@Punggol

Entrance to Waterway@Punggol

Viewing plataform

View of Waterway@Punggol

waterway point 2016


panorama view of Waterway@Punggol

panorama view of Adventure bridge

panorama view of view of Waterway@Punggol

View of Waterway@Punggol

Kelong bridge

view of incomplete flats everywhere

Way to Punggol Promenade (link)

Newly completed flats along linkway to Coney Island (2017)

Entrance from Serangoon / Hougang

Students crossing Sunrise bridge

Sunrise bridge

Sunrise bridge

Lorong Halus bridge

New sign directs to Coney Island at Halus Wetland

Converting sandy track to normal track to Coney Island

Video: Cycling from Lor Halus wetland to Pasir Ris park using new pcn

map.punggol - looped park connector

Nearest park and park connector:
1) Punggol promenade
2) Punggol park connector
3) Lorong Halus wetland
4) Pasir Ris park connector

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