Monday, 12 February 2018

Singapore Bukit Panjang Park April 2013 - updated Feb 2018

Pang Sua lake upgraded with boardwalk

Upgraded Pang Sua lake

2013 photo

Boardwalk not for cycling nor fishing

Platform for viewing the landscape

paths to bukit panjang park connector and pang sua park connector (link)

view of Bukit Panjang park

natural seats (old photo)

natural seats with stone table (2018)

huge granite

a lot of granite

view of Bukit Panjang park

view of Bukit Panjang park


children's playground

bbq pits

fitness corner

panorama view of Bukit Panjang neighbourhood 5 park

PUB substation

What is that UNCLE doing there?

3G Wellness Centre

Boat is for maintenance, I think

3G Wellness Centre is connected to the park

Nearest park and park connector:
1) Bukit Panjang park connector and Zhenghua park
2) Pang Sua park connector

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