Thursday, 11 July 2013

Singapore Clementi Woods n West Coast Park July 2013 (updated July 2018)

Clementi Woods...

View of Clementi Woods

View of Clementi Woods

View of Clementi Woods

West Coast park...

Entrance to West Coast Park

Children's playground

rock and rope climbing

children's playground
new swing

overhead swing

children's playground

outdoor stage

The Sea

view of pasir panjang harbour

panorama view of the sea

steps going into the sea, at your own risk

PPL shipyard

big patch of white sand for games

Camp area

The Promenade

never ending road

fitness corner

boat storage

no more bike rental shop

chess table and seats

BBQ pits

BBQ pits

underpass to park 2 for bikers

panorama view of painting at underpass

view of west coast park 2 for bikers

extreme challenge

extreme challenge

bubbling pond

pasir panjang terminal

panorama view of wharf

moving mechanical crane video...

To MRT station

Follow the lorries towards the wharf and you will reach Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre,

the mall and traffic junction for crossing....

...or pedestrian crossing to...

Haw Par Villa MRT station faber - looped park connector

Nearest park and park connector:
1) West Coast park connector
2) Haw Par Villa
3) Kent Ridge park

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